Illustration + Motion

NO MORE VAPING is a project we collaborated with a team from the School of Public Health at Boston University. As COVID struck the world in early March. Many studies, campaigns on covid are ongoing. The team from SPH is committed to studying the relationship between vaping and COVID. They came to us to seek a solution to spread some vital information among high school and college students about their research and try to evoke people’s awareness of the potential risks.

Here are several key points we abstract from their research:

a. Vaping may weaken the body's immune system, make people easier to get COVID.
b. Vaping will cause symptoms easily diagnosed as COVID.
c.Sharing vapes is common among students, and it’s an easy way to spread COVID.

As our target audiences are young students and we hope them to spread not just read, we decided to use a cool and intriguing visual language instead of traditional didactic forms. So we decided to carry these key points into cool Instagram or Tiktok stickers.