Rice Stamp


For this project, we were asked to explore scale, proportions, rhythm, and meaning through designing 2D symbols and implementing them into context find meaningful to share a story.

My story is about rice. Rice, known as typical and historical Asian food reflects our culture in various aspects. It embedded our common memories, stories, customs, and traditions. They are small vignettes easy to forget in our daily life. So I want to tell a cultural story through a rice perspective, and I took stamp as their format to inform these small things are valuable to remember generation by generation.

Each stamp have a different subject matter, they are:

In It: The component of rice;
By Product: Various products made of rice;
History: How people developed rice farming;
Twin Sister: Rice and Wheat;
Recipe: How to cook rice;
Tradition: Some customs eating rice;
In the Field: How rice grow;
In the Factory: How is rice processed.

First, I design the initial 8 icons in black and white. Then, I developed them into 8 small illustrations.