3D Illustration Poster Design Motion Design

Adobe Suite: Illustrator, After Effects,  Premiere
Modeling:  Cinema4D
Renderer:  Redshift

Bu spark! Is a technology incubator and experiential learning lab, which provides an opportunity for students to lead computational and data driven projects at boston university.

This page is a collection of my work piecewhen I was working with Spark! as a marketing graphic designer.

Spark! Demo Day

Poster for web and street showcase.
Tools: Cinema4D, Redshift, Adobe Illustrator

Demo Day is a celebratory event where students share the projects they’ve been working on all semester long. Presentation topics range from exposing racial disparities to developing a way to optimize office hours and beyond.

Spark! Demo Day

Tools: Cinema4D, Redshift, Adobe After Effects

Social media video for Demo Day. Published on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Cookie O’clock

Tools: Cinema4D, Redshift, Adobe Illustrator

Cookie O’clock is a social event at Spark! for students and faculty to hang out together. So I used bright color and cute style to express the leisure feeling. And I also put hands into the graphic to give more sense of participation.


Nexttech is a mini-workshop event at Spark! providing students opportunity to prep for hackathon and get ready for Spark!